L’Asset: A radiant, quirky Art-synthpop artist, songwriter and producer from Haarlem, The Netherlands. Her music is colourful, flamboyant in its base, intense but never heavy-handed and in her clear voice you always feel a sense of urgency. It’s her therapy, her filter. Arty pop-anthems included.

With her distinctive Britpop-type voice, she is vulnerable and fierce: With pointy vocals and a heartfelt attitude, she finds her way through her own chaos, external stimuli and her feelings.

“For me it’s like therapy. I make music to understand my own feelings better and to process all that I see, feel and sense. Being highly sensitive, the world can feel overwhelming at times and through music and performing I can filter better and recharge my inner battery. In a way my songs are my self-help book for less worrying and dealing with a sensitive yet thrill-seeking mind!”.

She doesn’t shy away from big pop-anthems and hearing her music it’s no surprise that her biggest inspiration comes from the 80s. Rich, bright synths, extravagantly but intimately sung, glitters, colours, always aiming for a good song, dressed up with quirks. She get’s her inspiration from artists like David Bowie, AURORA, Florence + The Machine, The Dø and Sigrid.

L’Asset dropped out of high school a year before the exams. Music took all of her time and attention and she had a hard time fitting in. Despite that, she graduated from Rock City Institute Eindhoven and from Codarts University of the Arts Rotterdam, where L’Asset was eventually founded.

Her career got a real kickstart with the release of her debut single ‘Ultraviolet’ (2017), produced by Holger Schwedt (Anouk, Di-rect, Miss Montreal). Her music got picked up by several international blogs, such as Mystic Sons(UK) and POPMUZIK (Sweden) and she received multiple nominations for a Rotterdam Music Award (2017, 2019). Because of the success she did two UK tours in 2017, where she played at a sold-out Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall.
From 2020 she started getting airplay on national radio station 3FM and she was a guest multiple times in their studio at ‘Parels van de Nacht’. She was also a guest in Giel Beelens ‘Demo Donderdag’.

In 2021 She teamed up with record label ‘Gentlemen Recordings’ and together with producer and lover Dillan Sondervan she has a lot more creativity up her sleeve. L’Asset is working on a four-part EP serie, set for release in the coming twelve months and behind the scenes new shows will be scheduled soon!

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