One By One

Complementary artpiece to the track ‘One By One’

🌸 The freesia is a flower that blooms one by one. For me it represents the power of being able to re-bloom, to blossom again after a difficult period. Resilience. The leaves represent shaking off the old, and growing the new. I can explain more about the details, but I think there’s more beauty to it, when you see your own story in it

Bird’s-Eye View

Complementary artpiece to the track ‘Bird’s-Eye View’

⛅️ In my mind I imagine landscapes, fields, roads that get smaller and smaller as I go up through the clouds with high speed. I see fog as I turn inwards: Where it is crowded with colour, shapes, twists, turns, where I miss overview. Then I desire a Bird’s-Eye View.

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